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awakening your inner compass

Navigating Life with Authenticity & Purpose

Picture this: You’re steering your life’s ship, compass in hand. This compass represents your values, joys, and aspirations. Our course helps you tune into this inner compass, steering your life towards a horizon that reflects your true self, smiling radiantly with love and joy. See yourself confidently navigating this journey with us.

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inner compass

Need to chart a New Course after Life’s Great Shift?

Are you standing at the crossroads of change, feeling as if the roles you’ve cherished—mother, partner, career woman—have shifted, leaving you with a profound sense of loss? Does the silence left behind by the bustling life you once knew echo with questions of ‘Who am I now?’ and ‘What’s next for me?’ You’re not alone.

This is the silent struggle many women face when life’s chapters turn—when the nest empties, when relationships evolve, and when the career that once defined you no longer fulfills you. It’s the yearning for a purpose that’s uniquely yours, beyond the labels and expectations. It’s the search for a passion that reignites the spark of your spirit and aligns with the authentic you.


when Life's chapter has turned a page


you're yearning for a life that fulfills


now standing at the crossroads of change

Awaken your Inner Compass

“Open to the journey within; it’s time to chart a path to self-discovery, where every step forward is really a step back to your true self.”

Discover the Pathways to Joy that have been Waiting for your Footsteps

Imagine setting foot on a path where every step is a homecoming to your most joyful self. “Awaken Your Inner Compass” is not just a course; it’s a journey back to the heart of your happiness. With each lesson, you’ll rediscover the vibrant joys that life’s busy cadence had tucked away. As you explore these pathways, long-awaiting your presence, you’ll reconnect with the passions that set your soul ablaze.

Picture yourself unearthing the treasures of delight that once defined you, now ready to be rekindled. This exploration is a dance with your destiny, an opportunity to realign your daily life with the rhythm of your true desires. Joy becomes more than a fleeting feeling—it transforms into your guide, leading you through a life reimagined, a life where each moment is a celebration of your essence. “Awaken Your Inner Compass” invites you to reclaim the joyous journey that has always been yours to walk.


celebration of your essence


journey to the heart of happiness


dance to the rhythm of your true desires

Inner Compass
Inner compass

Unlock the Wisdom Within and Steer your Life with Clarity and Conviction

Are you ready to unlock the wisdom that’s been silently guiding you from within? “Awaken Your Inner Compass” is the gateway to this profound inner clarity and conviction. As you journey through the course, you’ll attune to the whispers of your inner voice, a steadfast guide amidst life’s uncertainty.

You’ll cultivate the confidence to make choices that deeply resonate with your essence. With each newfound insight, your steps will become more assured, your path more clear, as you author a life of purpose, passion, and unwavering intention.


inner clarity & conviction


deeply resonate with your essence


attune to the whispers of your inner voice

It’s time to unlock my inner wisdom.

Stand in your Power and Craft a Life that’s as Unique as your Fingerprint

“Awaken Your Inner Compass” is an invitation to step into the fullness of your potential, to shape a life that is unmistakably yours. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, your journey is singularly your own—a blend of experiences, dreams, and talents that no one else possesses.

In this course, you’ll peel back the layers of who you’ve been told to be, revealing the extraordinary individual at your core. You’ll learn to trust your instincts, to honor your unique preferences, and to build a life that fits you perfectly. As you embrace your individuality, you’ll find that the power you’ve been seeking has been within you all along. It’s time to leave behind the one-size-fits-all existence and tailor a life as distinct and remarkable as you are.


trusts your instincts


step into the fullness of your potential


build a life that fits you perfectly

Inner compass

The Alchemy of Self-Realization

will blend the wisdom of your experiences with the passion of your aspirations

By the end of this “Awakening Your Inner Compass” journey, 

you will have experienced “The Alchemy of Self-Realization,” a transformation that fuses the rich tapestry of your past with the vibrant dreams of your future. You will:

  • Unveil Your Core Desires: You’ll excavate the deepest parts of your spirit to identify what truly moves you, crafting a compass that will guide your decisions with newfound clarity.
  • Embrace Your Authenticity: Discover the unadulterated version of yourself, free from societal imprints and expectations, and ready to live true to your essence.
  • Clarify Your Vision: Gain a crystal-clear understanding of your life’s direction, informed by the wisdom of your experiences and the clarity of your aspirations.
  • Cultivate Inner Wisdom: Tap into the wellspring of knowledge within you, learning to trust and act upon your inner guidance with confidence.
  • Live Purposefully: Refine your daily actions and decisions to align with a life purpose that resonates with your personal values and passions.
  • Map a Lasting Legacy: Forge a path that not only fulfills you but also leaves a meaningful imprint on the world, creating a legacy that echoes your unique contributions.
  • Transform Challenges into Growth: Use the alchemical process to transmute life’s challenges into opportunities for personal growth and enlightenment.

Through this course, you’ll not only find the path to self-realization but also learn to walk it with unwavering conviction and joy, all while crafting a legacy that lasts.

Embracing the Awakening your Inner Compass Journey

Crafting your

Happiness Blueprint

Embark on the “Joy Map” journey to chart the pursuits and pleasures that fill your life with delight. This inventory is your personal blueprint for daily happiness and long-term fulfillment, ensuring every chapter of your story is written with intention and brimming with joy.

Discovering your

True Values

Dive into the heart of what drives you with “Core Compass.” This focused exploration strips away the noise, revealing your fundamental beliefs and guiding principles. Discovering your core values is the first step toward a life of alignment, authenticity, and profound personal satisfaction.

Legacy focus on

Your Future Impact

With “Legacy Lens,” capture the essence of the mark you wish to leave on the world. This visionary tool sharpens your focus on future impact, helping you craft a legacy that resonates with your values and aspirations. It’s your guide to a life remembered for all the right reasons.

Passion is finding

Your Heart Beat

Ignite your life’s work with “Passion Pulse.” This dynamic resource is designed to reconnect you with your lost loves and spark new interests that set your soul on fire. Identify and pursue your true passions to live a life vibrant with enthusiasm and boundless energy.

Authenticity audit

Unleash your True Self

“Authenticity Audit” is your catalyst for genuine living. This powerful self-examination strips back the layers to reveal your unfiltered self. Embrace your individuality and live out your truth with confidence. It’s time to align your life with the real you and shine authentically in every moment.

Unlock the Secrets

Of Your M.A.P.

Embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of your M.A.P.—your Magically Amplified Purpose. This module is a deep dive into the heart of what makes you come alive, magnifying your life’s calling into a vivid blueprint. Unlock the magic within to steer your destiny with purposeful intent.

I’m Ready to Sign up to Awaken my Inner Compass.

What people are saying

about “Awakening your Inner Compass”

‘Awakening your Inner Compass’ is more than a course—it’s a journey of the soul. The deep exercises to uncover what has laid dormant for a long time have helped me begin to live a purposeful life.

Rachel W

This course was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening. Gayle translates Whitehawk’s wisdom into actionable steps that have helped me embrace my passions and live authentically. Truly grateful!

Jennifer R

Awakening your Inner Compass was a beacon during my life’s transition (recent divorce). The spiritual practices and action plans have given me clarity and direction. Highly recommend!

Marylene G

What is the Package?

Five Transformational Modules

Private Facebook Group

Video Training

Written Transcripts

Beautifully Designed 'Awakening your Inner Compass' Discovery Journal

Type directly onto the pages and refill again and again.

US Dollars


Your Money Back Guarantee

Experience the transformative journey of “Discover your Purpose and Passion” with absolute peace of mind, thanks to our 7-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. If within the first week you decide this course isn’t aligning with your path to spiritual fulfillment, simply email us to request a hassle-free refund. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction and confident in the course’s potential to guide you towards your purpose and passion, but we understand it needs to be the perfect fit for you. Your investment is safe here, as we honor your commitment to personal growth with our commitment to risk-free exploration.

Have Questions? We have answers.

Is this course right for me?


  • Are you sick and tired of being afraid that you’ve made the wrong decision?
  • Do you want to rediscover your identity?
  • Do you want to take advantage of new opportunities?
  • Are you longing for direction and passion?
  • Is it your dream to make a difference in the world?

Then ‘Awakening your Inner Compassis definitely for you!

How soon can I begin?

You will have immediate access to the first Module of ‘Awakening your Inner Compass’ course and the next modules will drop a week from then.

There is no time frame. You can take as long as you like and practice as you go. This is a discovery journey so there will be exercises that dive deep within your soul.

How is this course delivered?

‘Awakening your Inner Compass’ is completely online in a password protected learning environment.

You’ll need to sign in to access and then it is in both written and video format.

The transcripts and videos are included.

Is this course worth the cost?

Ab-so-lutely! The ‘Awakening your Inner Compass is worth it’s weight in gold. To connect with your own courage and determination and gain the tools to make inspired decisions that make a difference in the world is a profound and priceless experience.

PLUS  you can use it to navigate life with authenticity and purpose and use the tools at any time again in the future.

Will I have the time?

The ‘Awakening your Inner Compass Journey is designed for busy people like you.

It takes only a short time to watch the videos or read the transcript and the practices can be incorporated into your life. It takes a conscious awareness rather than time.

But how much time feeling lost will it cost if you don’t Awaken your Inner Compass? What will it cost you if you don’t awaken your inner compass and instead stay doing exactly what you’re doing now?

Do I get a guarantee?

At our core, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and training to empower individuals to become confident in following their purpose and passion. We firmly stand behind our commitment to excellence, and that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our courses, including the transformative ‘Awakening your Inner Compass.

We understand that embarking on a new path can be daunting, which is why we want to ease your mind and provide you with the assurance that you deserve.

If for any reason within the first 7 days, you feel that ‘Awakening your Inner Compass isn’t worth what you paid, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Just send an email to admin@6dhealing.com

Your Instructors

Get to know them

Gayle Maree

Gayle Maree

Channel, Counselor & Healer

The quest to unearth your true purpose and ignite your passions is a profound undertaking, demanding self-examination and a readiness to evolve. Gayle has navigated this path from a young age, guided by an inner knowing—a testament to the soul’s innate wisdom in leading us to our fullest potential.

Navigating this path solo may seem feasible, yet it’s a journey that can stretch over years. That’s precisely why these courses exist: to serve as your compass. Through the ‘Discover Your Purpose and Passion’ course, you’ll fast-track your personal growth, setting the stage for a life that transforms in remarkable ways.

Gayle leverages the wisdom of Whitehawk, distilling it into practical lessons for everyone’s benefit. With over two decades as a Spiritual Counselor, she understands that the journey begins with a single, decisive step.

Embrace this moment, assume control of your destiny, and embark on a journey of transformation and growth with Gayle’s seasoned guidance.

Allan Herring

Allan Herring

Channel, Therapist & Healer

Allan’s journey started like many others, ascending the corporate ranks but at a cost to his health. His departure from that world marked the beginning of a profound transformation. His health rebounded, and he found himself drawn to a higher calling.

Allan has long served as a channel for a compassionate presence known as Whitehawk, and over time, this connection has deepened. Through Allan, Whitehawk extends wisdom and healing to those seeking guidance, enriching Allan’s practice as both a therapist and a spiritual mentor. His recorded dialogues with Whitehawk are shared widely, offering enlightenment to many.

Driven by a mission to empower individuals in discovering and fervently pursuing their unique life purposes, Allan, with the insight of Whitehawk, has developed the M.A.P. – a navigational tool for discovering your purpose and passion. This course interprets the M.A.P. for you to incorporate into your life.

I can’t wait to awaken my inner compass.

Could you get the same results without ‘Awakening your Inner Compass‘?

Maybe eventually, but you’d probably have to:

Attend classes every week

Spend a lot of money and a long time trying to work out the best method for you and then be told that it’s going to take YEARS to master the method with a lot and more expensive certificates.

Watch a bajillion youtube tutorials

from “experts” you haven’t heard of, giving you so much information that it makes your head spin. Then you can try and figure it out yourself.

Keep making the same mistakes

and wonder why the same stuff keeps happening until you convince yourself that healing just isn’t for you. This affects EVERYBODY in your life. Nobody wants a future like this!

Sit on a mountain top

in a sabbatical for months at a time and force yourself to face your demons. And go through A LOT of unnecessary emotional trauma! Often for temporary results. This won’t bring you closer to healing and I’ve seen it many times.

PLUS A Great Bonus

to help you on your Inner Compass journey

inner compass

Awakening your Inner Compass Discovery Playbook

The “Awakening Your Inner Compass Discovery Playbook” is an invaluable tool for anyone on the journey to self-discovery and personal fulfillment. Tailored for you, it’s a treasure trove of insightful exercises and reflective questions designed to unearth your deepest values, reignite passions, and crystalize your life’s purpose. This playbook isn’t just about introspection; it’s about transformation. It offers a structured path to navigate the complexities of life with newfound clarity and confidence. By typing directly into each thoughtfully crafted page, you’ll unlock a more authentic, passionate, and purpose-driven existence, charting a course towards a future that resonates with the truest version of yourself.

Awakening your Inner Compass is the Pathway to Reigniting your Passions